Business focus

The company SKB Sýkora s.r.o. was founded in 1992. The company SKB develops and produces products of polyurethan for following applications:

  • 1. IPUR   -   Integral Polyurethan: Steering wheels, grasps, pillows,shift levers for the automotive industry
  • 2. DUROMER   -   Hard foam: Fender and dirt deflector for the automotive industry
  • 3. MDI   -   Flexible foam: Seats and backrests for the automotive industry


         Our strategy is to provide our customers the complete processing from product concept, product construction, production tools to final manufacturing in smaller up to large series.          For this purpose we developed a new technology in the creation of plastic moldings in very high firmness and long life span of several ten thousand castings. Thus we offer within a short time the required PU products in highest quality to our customers for favourable prices.          The products are available in highest quality and in different colours. The surface design can be customized from a smooth structure up to the imitation leather structure.          Our aim is it to offer our customers PU-products in a very high quality to favourable prices.          Our high product quality is based on a experience of many years in the production of PU products and on a high-level technology of our means of production.

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